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Welcome To Derby's Green Town Educational Animal Zoo


Come and see all the animals of the world

Derby's Green is not just a recreational zoo. It is an educational place for everybody -especially the young ones- to learn about animals in the best way possible: by being right in front of them, seeing them with their own eyes and, in some cases, interacting with them with absolute safety. Kids enjoy being with animals and they also adore the awe and surprise that the variety of amazing animal species that populate our planet has to offer.

Come see all the animals you've read about in books, and even a few more that you didn't even know existed. Let yourself be stunned, entertained and just all around smiling by meeting our friends in Derby's Green.

Contributing to educate the children: taking care of our wildlife and loving animals

Our mission as a zoo is to protect different species of animals from across the world. Here, you will find families of animals from all continents of the world. From polar bears to jiraffes, from crocodiles to anacondas. Some of them are fiery predators, others are friendly little balls of fur who will jump in joy if you feed them. Birds, snakes, bears, monkeys, butterflies, fish, all of them await for you.

However, there is something more that we want to do. We believe that it is as important as helping to protect animals ourselves. We want to educate the future generations about biodiversity and how to protect it, now and in the times to come. In order to really protect something with all that you have, you need to love it. And in order to love it, you need to learn about it. We teach children everything about the different animal species because we want kids to love them and help build a better world where zoos aren't even necesary anymore.

Educational visits and school trips

In the hopes that education will shape a different tomorrow, we offer educational visits to groups of children and young students. We show them what we have in our planet, what could be lost, and what to do to prevent hat from happen. We support animal conservation with what we do and also with what we teach other people to do as well.

Contact us to request a school trip scheduling. You can make a subject proposal ol let our staff design a visit for you. You will see all the animals, attend a couple practical classes on bioconservation, get to know a few creatures from a closer distance, and see our infamous Central Tree with amazing animal ornaments. 

Get your own animal holiday ornaments and souvenirs!

When you leave the zoo, remember to visit our ornament shop. Here, you will find all the animals that you have seen, in the shame of big and little ornaments and gifts for yourself or anybody who, you know, will enjoy them. Pick your favourite animal and take it home. All money collected from our shop is used to support the care that we give to our animals. 



Rick Miles

" "Derby's Green is amazing! I saw a lot of animals and had a great time with my brothers and my mommy and daddy. I liked the elephant so much that they gave me a box with an elephant so I can put my pencils." "

Mrs. Laura Austen

" "The kids had a great time in Derby's Green. We hired a guided tour that lasted all afternoon but the children were sad when it ended. There are so many educational activities and they are great for the young." "
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